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Quick Start Guide

Once setup, use the following guide to aid you in the use of this tool:

  • settingsClick the Settings button to set the time window and refresh options
  • reloadClick the Reload button to query for the latest data, using the specified Settings
  • Once you have data returned and displayed, use the following key to understand how the data is visualized:
    • Receive and send ports are represented as follows, with receive ports on the left and send ports on the right:
    • Numbers on the left, next to the stopwatch icon, represent the average time in milliseconds the step took to execute
    • Numbers on the right, next to the message icon, represent the total number of messages processed through the step, for the time period selected
    • Errors that occur are represented as red shapes, and only display the total number of messages info:
    • The flow of messages is indicated as a line drawn from one shape to another, with red lines indicating error message connections:
    • Orchestrations are rendered in the middle of the layout, wrapped in a green box, based on the first and last steps in an orchestration:

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