Problems getting it to work

Nov 21, 2014 at 1:10 PM
Hi! Firstly, great idea, looks good and would be very useful.

Straight to my problem - I've followed the steps, but when I open the Site in the last step and set the interval for the data I'd like to retrieve and visualize I am getting "Error occurred while retrieving data: No flow data service found at the configured URL, please check the web.config file".

I have checked the web.config and the URL to the FlowData and then tripe, quadriple checked it - <add key="flowDataUrl" value="http://localhost/BizTalkFlowVisualizerServices/FlowData.svc"/>

The application pool identity is set up as per the instructions. The account I've used is the same BizTalk service account used everywhere, so shouldn't be permissions.

Could you please let me know at least what to look for ??

Thank you!
Kind regards