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The Settings dialog allows you to specify the time window to use when querying data from your BizTalk Server, whether or not to use static demo data, and to indicate if the visualization should be refreshed whenever the browser window is resized.


Use the first section to define the time period over which data from BizTalk should be retrieved and visualized.  Choose a rolling time window, if you want the tool to retrieve the last x minutes of data when you hit the Reload button.  Alternatively, choose to show the data between a specific start and end date and time.  For the start and end times, click the start or end time text and then select a date and time from the calendar popup, or type in a specific date and time.

The second section of the settings enables you to use demo data, rather than live data retrieved from the BizTalk Server.  This is useful if you just want to see what the tool renders, before setting up the database and WCF service that retrieves the BizTalk data.

The final section enables you to indicate that the tool should automatically refresh the visualization data if the browser window is resized.

Once happy with the settings, click Save to have settings persisted into your browser’s cookies.  The tool will then automatically refresh the display, based on these settings.

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